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About Me 


My Story

I struggled with my weight most of my post-puberty life.  I was 90 kgs (200 lbs) when I graduated high school.  I tried many diet and supplement programs, all of which came with initial success but simply were not sustainable long term and the weight always came back on.  I had a brief 2 to 3 year period of time before my first daughter was born where I finally lost some weight and gained some fitness, however pregnancy brought back all that weight and more.  My younger daughter was born three months premature, and that came with significant trauma and months in hospital.  More weight piled on along with pretty intense metal health issues.  At a year postpartum with my second I knew I was in trouble.  The depression and PTSD were controlling my life, I didn’t have energy to play with my kids, I was pre-diabetic.  It was a scary downward spiral I found myself in.  This is when I found keto the first time.  I did some reading and found what I thought was good information.  I found a website with a keto calculator and got my macros and got started.  Unfortunately, I was doing it all wrong.  My fat intake was twice as high as it should have been because I was drinking bullet proof coffees and MCT oil.  This left very little room for actual food because fat is so high in calories.  I wasn’t eating enough protein, and while I did initially lose some weight, I felt dreadful and didn’t last more than 6 weeks.  I was honestly perplexed as to how people followed this “diet” long term.


Time continued to go on and I got more desperate.  Then covid hit the world.  I knew I either had to find a way to take better control of my life, or the stress and stress eating was going to kill me.  I did more research and stumbled upon a well-formulated ketogenic diet, and what an incredible difference.  I learned how to calculate my macros properly, I learned how to cook and bake proper keto foods, I learned the importance of protein, and I finally understood how people enjoyed this lifestyle long term.  Not only was I finally losing weight, but I was also feeling the best I had felt in my whole life.  I was energized all day long without needing caffeine or sugar.  I was keeping up with my kids, playing with them, not continually telling them no mommy is too tired.  I took up running.  My mental health improved leaps and bounds.  I was no longer pre-diabetic.  Two years into my journey and I am the healthiest I have been in my whole life.  I am easily sustaining a healthy weight, enjoying exercise, eating amazing food, and not feeling deprived at all.  Food is no longer controlling my life. 


My kids are thriving on a ketogenic diet as well.  My older daughter was just about to be diagnosed with ADHD, and now all those symptoms have gone away.  She can sit and focus on schoolwork. She has a calmer demeanor and a gentler approach with people.  She goes to bed significantly easier at night and sleeps deeper and longer.  Her skin complexion looks better, she eats a greater variety of foods, and she no longer complains of chronic stomach aches.  My younger daughter, who has always been well under weight as a result of her prematurity, has put on a good amount of healthy weight since starting keto, and for the first time is actually on the growth charts for height and weight.  She has more energy, she’s also sleeping better, and she is getting sick with less frequency.  Following a well-formulated ketogenic diet has truly been life changing for all of us.    

The Process

So now you are asking yourself, how do I do this?  How do I get started?  How do I know I am doing it correctly?  Well, that is where I come in!

Your first step is to book an initial consultation with me, Keto Coach Alex.  During this consultation we will discuss the proper way to eat keto to achieve your desired results. I will answer any questions you have about this lifestyle, discuss what to expect while eating ketogenically, and offer tips to help you transition easier into ketosis. I will also explain the importance of eating a well-formulated ketogenic diet, avoiding many pitfalls and myths associated with this lifestyle.

So, let’s kick start your Ketogenic or Carnivore journey with a certified Ketogenic and Carnivore Lifestyle Coach, empowering you to succeed with support, accountability and encouragement. Together, we can find the healthiest you!

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